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stahlbus Dust Cap

stahlbus Dust Cap

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stahlbus Dust Cap - Groove

Nice Stahlbus Bleeder Valve and nothing to put on? This is the ultimate answer to the standard dust cover made of rubber. So please do not forget to put on the new cover after having successfully bled the brake /clutch.

CNC precision turned part made of anodised aluminium with rubber insert for a firm seat.

Design: Groove (fits the Stahlbus Bleeder Valve)

Other colours available:

  • natural coloured (does not match the steel valve optically)
  • red
  • green
  • grey
  • golden
  • nickel-plated (does not match the titanium valve optically)


Note: The red, green and blue colours may change slightly if exposed to heat. This is no reason for claiming. This cover only fits onto original Stahlbus Bleeder Valves.

P.S.: A little care brings major effects also to small part. Please wipe away the last drops of brake fluid from the nipple before putting the cover on.

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