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stahlbus Bleeder Valve M8x1.25x16mm (M), steel

stahlbus Bleeder Valve M8x1.25x16mm (M), steel

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stahlbus Bleeder Valve M8x1.25x16mm (M), steel or stahlbus Bleeder Valve M8x1.25x22mm (M)

M8x1.25 (thread length 22mm), EXTRA length ( YAMAHA Right Side ) 

M8x1.25 (thread length 16mm), standard length  

Please do not forget to order the stahlbus dust cap, too. Only this protects the inner O-ring. The original rubber cap are not only ugly, but also simply too short. 

Innovative quick bleeder valve for a safe, clean and quick bleeding and filling of hydraulic brakes and clutches of all vehicles. Unassisted single-hand operation.


You can bleed your brakes easily on your own!

Step 1

After the conventional bleeder screw was removed: Installation of the stahlbus® -bleeder valve at the brake cylinder.

Step 2 2

The upper part of the valve is opened with a half turn.

Step 3

Push or pull your brake, clutch lever until all air bubbles are evacuated out of the breather tube.

Step 4

Pressure is created by either the brake pedal or hand lever, the stahlbus® check valve opens and the fluid is evacuated. When pressure is released the check valve closes, eliminating the possibility of air getting into the system.

Step 5

After you’ve changed the fluid and bled the system, it is simply a half turn to close and replace the cap and you’re done!

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