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stahlbus Bleeder Valve M10x1.0x14mm (S), steel

stahlbus Bleeder Valve M10x1.0x14mm (S), steel

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stahlbus Bleeder Valve M10x1.0x14mm (S), steel ( Brembo Master Standard ) 

Conventional Fluid Bleeding

A common problem associated with bleeding hydraulic systems, such as brakes, clutches or couplings, is that the conventional bleeder screw let's air in and hydraulic fluid out.

Since the conventional screw typically has inadequate thread thickness, it consistently allows air into the system each time it is turned on and off, resulting in permanent bubbles.

You can bleed your brakes easily on your own!

Step 1

After the conventional bleeder screw was removed: Installation of the stahlbus® -bleeder valve at the brake cylinder.

Step 2 2

The upper part of the valve is opened with a half turn.

Step 3

Push or pull your brake, clutch lever until all air bubbles are evacuated out of the breather tube.

Step 4

Pressure is created by either the brake pedal or hand lever, the stahlbus® check valve opens and the fluid is evacuated. When pressure is released the check valve closes, eliminating the possibility of air getting into the system.

Step 5

After you’ve changed the fluid and bled the system, it is simply a half turn to close and replace the cap and you’re done!


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