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Monoblock Forged Radial Brake Caliper Distance 100 mm W/ ZXC CARBON RACE PADS

Monoblock Forged Radial Brake Caliper Distance 100 mm W/ ZXC CARBON RACE PADS

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Monoblock Forged Radial Brake Caliper Distance 100 mm With Aluminum Pistons

For serious stopping power, the Accossato radial brake calipers for sportbikes feature a forged aluminum, monoblock construction, with four (4) Ergal 34mm pistons. Fits 310 - 320mm size front rotors. Accossato has been producing Italian made sportbike components for original and aftermarket use since 1969.

Accossato racing grade brake calipers are produced with advanced forging technology in order to obtain a single piece body. The results of forging yield an extremely lightweight and solid caliper with tolerances specific for absolute maximum performance on the street or circuit. The caliper body, which houses four (4) Ergal aluminum 34mm diameter pistons includes pre-installed brake pads. These brake calipers are preferable to other aftermarket, entry-level cast aluminum calipers due to their superior forging technology.

Accossato produces race quality brake calipers and master cylinders using a 100% quality-control process mandating all core components to be inspected under a microscope before assembly, pressure tested, and calibrated upon final assembly.

ZXC compound is produced with sintering-process. This pad is medium temperature resistant; for own characteristics gives a high grip maintenance that guarantees costant braking and avoids the fading-effect, bearing the high temperature of the brake disc. This pad is recommended just for racing. 

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