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Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers

Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers

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SizeM/XL (120/17'' front and from 180/60-17'' to 200-205/55-17'' rear)

The Capit Suprema Vision tyre warmers have a direct connection to the power grid, but a temperature controller is fixed directly on the tyre warmer to display and choose temperatures up to 120°C (248°F) recommended for both amateur and demanding professional riders. Elegance, thermal stability, and robustness distinguish these tyre warmers, making them a phenomenally successful product sold worldwide, just like the Suprema Spina.


  • They are built with sturdy polyester to last over time.
  • Each CAPIT tyre warmer can withstand any accidental crushing of the motorcycle.
  • Waterproof and soft, they ensure tyre dressing that is unmatched in quality.
  • A special aluminum membrane and an indestructible heating coil made of tightly packed Teflon ensure exceptional and unparalleled homogeneity.
  • This VISION version allows you to display and choose the temperature using a small controller.
  • PID system that guarantees a homogeneous temperature chosen up to 120°C (248°F).
  • External connection cable made of special rubber resistant up to 200°C.
  • Suprema Vision tyre warmers are guaranteed for 3 years and entirely made in Italy.
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