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Capit Full CONTROL tyre warmer

Capit Full CONTROL tyre warmer

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Size: M/XXL (tyre until 120/17'' front and 200-205/60-17'' rear) ((Big Tire))

Size: M/XL (tyre until 120/17'' front and from 180/60-17'' to 200-205/55-17'' rear) 

Made to order 2-3 week ETA.

High performance
 for this top-of-the-line Capit Full CONTROL tyre warmer (already a multiple MotoGP world champion), which is able to heat not only the tyre but also the wheel rim separately, allowing for unprecedented grip in the first laps on the track.

A double display temperature controller allows you to adjust the temperature up to 120°C. Once the desired temperature is reached, after 15 minutes the two displays will indicate (flashing) that the temperature is optimal on both the rim and inside the tyre. A brilliant solution for those who want the maximum from Capit. With the rim warm, the grip on the track lasts much longer than with traditional tyre warmers. A principle already used by the top MotoGP teams.

Attention: If you own a Ducati with a single-sided swingarm, the two bands will be asymmetric (see different purchase code).

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