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Bonamici motorcycle case savers.

Bonamici motorcycle case savers.

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Bonamici motorcycle case savers from billet aluminum protect your sportbike engine cover from crash damage. Designed to win races, made in Italy.

Bonamici Racing Italy is specialized in the production of performance racing motorcycle engine case savers. Highly involved in FIM World Superbike as Team Technical Partner their CNC machined engine covers are stronger than injection-molded plastic and still lightweight.

 whether it be on the Track or Road and damaging your engine? Bonamici Racing completely understand the risks involved of riding an expensive superbike and they have developed their range of Engine Protectors to help mitigate any damage done to your engine in the event of an accident.

These Engine Protectors are manufactured from Billet Aluminium in their factory based in the heart of Italy and is treated to a black surface anodised finish to help improve corrosion resistance and durability. Whatever bike you ride, you can rest assured these Engine Protectors will save yourself from a costly repair bill!

Bonamici laser scan each and every bike they manufacture parts for in order to ensure fitment and compatibility, after this their parts are fine tuned, tested and validated through various levels of Motorsport.

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