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Mupo - K911

Mupo - K911

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It reads perfect setting in matter of seconds. It spells K911.

The innovative K911 system, a Mupo patent developed in the SuperBike championship, allows to rapidly and easily change the stiffness of the springs in the front without substituting any component. These modifications can take place a few seconds away from the start of a race, when the atmospheric conditions change, resulting in a radical alteration of the bike’s set up.




By simply screwing or unscrewing the Corkscrew System, you are able to reach spring rates (K) from 9 to 11 N/mm, in increments of 0.25 N/mm, thus obtaining 9 different springs rates using just one spring.

Together with the compression and rebound adjustments, completely independent, and the spring preload in both internals, the K911 underpins an infinite amount of setting combinations, capable of meeting the requirements of every rider.

Thanks to the progressive, CNC machined pistons (ø 30 or 25 mm), the damping is among the most precise and progressive ones on the market and are engineered to mirror the roughness on the asphalt, thus enhancing the feeling of the rider.


Additional information

Thanks to the wide range of available Mupo springs, it’s possible to customize the suspension based on the rider’s weight and riding style at the time of the order.

Displayed images are for illustrative purposes only. Being handcrafted one by one and given the many different configurations, there can be differences between products depending on the application.

All the products in our catalogue are completely rebuildable and have a warranty of 2 years. This can be stretched up to 6 years by servicing the suspension periodically, as per the operation and maintenance booklet.


Technical specifications

  • Patented Corkscrew System
  • Cartridge ø 25mm or 30 mm depending on application
  • Pistons ø 25 or 30 mm in Ergal
  • Progressive shim stack
  • Piston rod ø12mm in Ergal
  • Mupo Racing Oil SAE 5

Adjustment features

  • Spring stiffness from K9 to K11 in steps of 0,25 N/mm
  • Rebound 40 clicks
  • Compression 40 clicks
  • Spring preload 30 clicks (15mm)
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