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Forged Radial Brake Master Cylinder Fix Lever Accossato 19 X 18

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Folding Lever

Forged Radial Brake Master Cylinder Fix Lever Accossato 19 X 18


Add power and style with the Accossato 19x18 radial brake master cylinder for sportbikes. s The forged aluminum cylinder is stronger and lighter than stock cast units for maximum reliability. The 19mm piston is a perfect option for motorcycles with a double disc brake rotor setup which is loved by racers worldwide. Accossato has been producing Italian made sportbike components for original and aftermarket use since 1969.


This brake master uses a 19mm diameter piston and a upgraded racers folding, standard length RST lever which features an anti-drag inlet hole machined into the lever end for the passage of air at high speed.


Accossato produces race quality master cylinders and braking components using a 100% quality-control process mandating all core components to be inspected under a microscope before assembly, pressure calibrated, and vacuum tested upon final assembly.



  • Folding Lever: 19mm x 18mm
  • Material: Pressure Forged Aluminum
  • Piston: 19mm
  • Disc Application: Double
  • Exclusive Three (3) Year Limited USA Warranty 



  • We suggest using the Accossato 30ml Brake Reservoir Mounting Kit (Part# ACC-KITVG) as it includes a reservoir, bracket, hardware and tubing.
  • If you intend to use your stock reservoir you will require a length of 6mm Tygon 2375 Tubing and 2 3/8" Spring Clamps.
  • Dot 4 Brake fluid will be needed. We suggest replacing all of the fluid in the system when you install the master. Do NOT use Dot 5.1