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Mupo - CSP30-R

Mupo - CSP30-R

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The CSP30 is a highly technological product and it contains over 10 years of study and research of our innovation and R&D department. The result is a product dedicated to the racing sector, destined to the rider who wants to ride the most advanced front suspension technology on the market.




The CSP30-R, an upgrade of the previous version, features a range of improvements aimed at perfectioning the Trough-Rod Technology, the heart of the cartridge.

Thanks to the experience gained with Michele Pirro and Barni Racing in the Italian SBK Championship, won this year again for the fourth time in a row, the Through-Rod system has been improved in fluid dynamics by means of a new bypass, which results in a more progressive and homogeneous damping.

The new piston also improves the damping in terms of stability and feedback from the tyre, giving the rider even more confidence and feeling in the front end.

The introduction of new bushing and a renewed sealed system guarantees the even more fluidity and reliability in all driving conditions.

At the heart of the CSP30-R is the Trough-Rod Technology, an innovative system used by top teams in the most prestigious competitions worldwide.

This technology is characterised by the behaviour for the piston rod, which enters and exits the body of the cartridge at the same time, avoiding gas pressure imbalances and limiting oil dilatation.

The result is a homogeneous and progressive damping, unique in its genre, with grip and feeling in the front in the breaking, apex and exit phases of the corner. The CSP30-R’s performance is simply superior to the open, closed and pressurized cartridges currently on the market.

The compression and rebound damping are completely independent. This, together with the spring preload adjustment in both legs, makes finding the perfect setting simple, fast and intuitive.


Additional information

Thanks to the wide range of available Mupo springs, it’s possible to customize the suspension based on the rider’s weight and riding style at the time of the order.

Displayed images are for illustrative purposes only. Being handcrafted one by one and given the many different configurations, there can be differences between products depending on the application.

All the products in our catalogue are completely rebuildable and have a warranty of 2 years. This can be stretched up to 6 years by servicing the suspension periodically, as per the operation and maintenance booklet.

Adjustment features

  • Compression 30 clicks
  • Rebound 30 clicks
  • Spring preload 10 mm
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