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With the introduction of the Apex-6, our goal at Core Moto USA was to produce the lightest, strongest and most aesthetically detailed DOT forged aluminum wheel in the world. In addition, the Apex-6 is the only forged superbike wheel produced completely in the USA. We are proud of this fact. Therefore, we have not rushed the process of moving production to our Florida location.

Initial lead times will be 6-10 weeks for NEW orders, until stock levels are higher than necessary.
Although production is underway, these orders will be considered "PRE SALE" and could be subject to further delays, or early shipments.

Orders will be limited to our standard colors, until further notice.
Other Custom Colors will be available to order once lead time of all standard colors are 3-5 days.

Initial sales will be for models that require the following base 17"x6" / 17"x3.5" wheels.

Anodized Gloss Black
Anodized Gloss Gold
Anodized Gloss Red
Anodized Gloss Blue