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Accossato Brake Pads Kit For BMW S1000RR ( 2009 2018 ) ( One Caliper )

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Accossato Brake Pads Kit For BMW S1000RR ( 2009 2018 )

ZXC compound is produced with sintering-process. This pad is medium temperature resistant; for own characteristics gives a high grip maintenance that guarantees costant braking and avoids the fading-effect, bearing the high temperature of the brake disc. This pad is recommended just for racing. 

EV1 compound has been designed for steet use or amateur racing because it has an excellent grip and maximum reactivity, a high efficiency both in the dry and wet and avoids the "fading" effect, providing high performance in all conditions. The Top Racing

EV2 compound has been created, for racing use, to offer maximum performance in the most extreme conditions: it has an excellent grip and an extremely reactive braking, allowing a very low disc consumption and offering excellent performance at all temperatures. Due to its characteristic, it should not be used with "wave" and "butterfly" disks. All the pads are made in Italy, a distinguishing sign of an excellent quality product.