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Mupo - AB1

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The AB1 shock absorber is an industry standard for quality, performance and durability in the super and hypersport segment. The rebound and compression settings are independent and work in synergy to guarantee the best performance on track and maximum fun on the road, without compromising safety.

All the components are CNC machined and dimensionally checked, to ensure the optimal functioning in every condition.

To achieve the top performance from your shock, we recommend upgrading to the Hydraulic Preload optional, which allows to set the shock absorber in the event of additional loads on the motorcycle or if track conditions suddenly change.

Additional information

Thanks to the wide range of available Mupo springs, it’s possible to customize the suspension based on the rider’s weight and riding style at the time of the order.

Displayed images are for illustrative purposes only. Being handcrafted one by one and given the many different configurations, there can be differences between products depending on the application.

All the products in our catalogue are completely rebuildable and have a warranty of 2 years. This can be stretched up to 6 years by servicing the suspension periodically, as per the operation and maintenance booklet.

Adjustment features

  • Low speed compression 24 clicks
  • High speed compression 5 clicks
  • Rebound 40 clicks
  • Regolazione interasse 9mm
  • Manual spring preload
  • Optional hydraulic spring preload